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Floorball stick OXDOG VX

Nákupní rádce pro výběr florbalové čepele

Floorball sticks VX-HESOxdog logo - floorball stick

Floorball sticks VX-HES were introduced in 2022. This floorball stick is designed for shooters with a triangular Triad-X Shaft and pressed letter X into the floorball stick’s pole. All these technologies are intended to reduce the recoil of the shot and allow more power to be put int the shot.

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BrandDetermining a floorball stick
Floorball sticks especially for men
Floorball sticks especially for juniors
Stick length without blade (player height)
101cm (height of the player 180 - 185cm)
103cm (height of the player more then 185cm)
LEFT hand down
RIGHT hand down
Stick holding
Model line of floorball sticksFlexibility (Flex)Blade designation
Shooter blade
Blade - sign
Blade hardness
Medium Blade Carbon - medium hard with carbon
IFF certification
YES - is certified
On stock
Central warehouse
Choose the height of the player
over 185 cm
175 - 185 cm
1 product
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