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Terms & Conditions

 1. Preamble
 2. Placing the order and personal data protection
 3. Confirmation of the order
 4. Cancellation of the order
 5. Prices, payment, delivery, postage and packing charges
 6. Delivery time
 7. Delivery of the invoice and the certificate of the guarantee
 8. Returns and refunds
 9. Warranty and warranty claim

1. Premable

In accord with the act §1751 art. 1 of the law No. 89/2012 of the statute-book  (the Czech Civil Code), as amended pass the company VKPI INVEST s.r.o. (Co.Ltd.) these sales conditions, which are some inseparable part of the contract,  which is supervised between: VKPI INVEST s.r.o. (Co.Ltd.) with the place of business Liberecká 804/3, 46601 Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech republic , IČ: 00569950, shop@exesport.net, +420 602 770 132,  is registered in the trading register and by court in Ústí nad Labem, C 20651/KSUL (Krajský soud v Ústí nad Labem), (further  seller) on one side and buyer on the other side.

The seller is a natural or juristic person, who is closing the contract of sale with the buyer through the internet shop of the seller (further only e-shop) situated on the internet address www.exesport.net.

If the user is the buyer according § 419 the law 89/2012 of the statute-book, it will abide by the relationships, which are regulated through these conditions of a contract, with the law No. 89/2012 of the statute-book. If the seller is dealing by the order / by the purchasing goods under is entrepreneurial activity or under its performance profession, the relationship will abide by the contract conditions, which are not arranged by the law No. 89/2012 of the statute-book, in the process aren’t used the regulation § 2158 - § 2174.

The buyer confirms during the purchasing of the contract of sale that he is unabridged informed with this contract conditions, that he understands all its conditions and that he fully agrees with them.
The seller possesses the authority in this time to change the version of these sale conditions. The buyer is bound by the actual version of the sales conditions at the instant of the conclusion of the contract conditions.

2. Placing the order and personal data protection 

Your valid identify dates will be required during the order. These dates are necessary for the issuing of the invoice and the delivery of goods.
The seller is not bearing responsibility for the problems, which arose by specification of the incorrect or incomplete dates, especially, when the phone contact is missing.

The company VKPI INVEST s.r.o. (Co.Ltd.), operator of the shop EXEsport.net declares that all personal dates are referred to as strictly confidential and it is treated with them in accord with the law No. 101 /2000Sb. We don’t give these dates in any case to the third parties. The customer can apply for the date’s abolition from the database of the company in writing. Please turn to e-mail shop@exesport.net in this instance.

3. Confirmation of the order

The order is accepting within 24 hours, we will send you the order confirmation by the e-mail (through the automatic ordering system). You will be informed of the dispatching of the order by e-mail as well.
By some orders we will inform you for confirmation by phone (for example by purchasing of the bigger quantities and the like.) 

4. Cancellation of the order

You can cancel each order during 24 hours and it is only by sending an email to: shop@exesport.net.
By the cancellation of the order it is necessary to mention its number. 

5. Prices, payment, delivery, postage and packing charges

The seller reserves the right to change the prices.
The customer orders goods for the prices, which are mentioned on this server in this moment of the final confirmation of the order.

The customer will receive during 24 hours the confirmed e-mail for the control.
If the goods are ready to dispatch, we will send you the invoice in advance and as soon as the money are credited to our account, we will dispatch the goods.
You can pay simply, quickly and safely down to the payment system GoPay. Your payment will be credited during some minutes. In this way you will pay by the payment card through the internet.

How to pay by card?


  If you pay by card, you will be redirected afterwards to corresponding site, where you will simply fill in the data about paying card and then you will make a payment.
•  As the on-line checking payment was running,  the order will be considered as paid and will be arranged as quickly as possible.
•  If the payment  is not successful  from any reasons, you will be informed  about it and  you can try to make thy payment again .
•  You will receive a confirming email  by sending your order. 

We will dispatch the ordered goods always from the store in Jablonec n/N through the package and express service GLS to the countries according to your choice in the order (see below - table). 


Shipping price list

States Shipping costs
Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia 11,90 EUR(including VAT)
Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Lithuania and Latvia 18,90 EUR (including VAT)
Ireland, Bulgaria, Italy, France and Spain 21,90 EUR(including VAT)
Greece, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Malta and Cyprus 21,90 EUR (including VAT)

 In the case of larger quantities of goods, second or additional postage / packing (multiple parcels) may be charged.

It will be added for these services (arranged through GLS) a lump sum of the shipping costs (including VAT)  to this total price of the consignment , see table.
 By "value of order" it is meant the value of order without shipping costs. For the wholesalers it is regulated in the wholesale’s conditions.

In the case of the chose destination wrongly, we reserve the right to change the delivery price!
For the reason of the contracting conditions we don’t send to the Switzerland.

Proceeding for receiving of the consignment:
• check that the package of the product is not damaged. If the package is damaged (for example tore, unstuck and so on), please do not accept or take over it under reservation.
• if you find after the unpacking of the product some damages, please contact us immediately. We won’t oblige your complaints positive by later notification. Please pay attention during the unpacking that you won’t damage the wrap and the inner filling. Don’t throw the wrap in your own interest and keep it for some time by yourself.

6. Delivery time

We are trying to dispatch the goods within 24 hours after crediting money to our account. GLS as the forwarding agency is the accredited firm. The delivery time amounts 2 to 3 working days (It depends on the forwarding agent).
If it is not possible to arrange the orders or some goods are not in store, we will inform you about it immediately.
The seller reserves the right to cancel the order or its part.
If this situation comes true, the seller will contact the buyer for the purpose of the agreement about next step immediately.

7. Delivery of the invoice and the certificate of the guarantee

The invoice will be delivered directly with the consignment.
We will send you the confirmed certificate of the guarantee, if it is enclosed from the producer.

By the goods, which don’t include any original certificate of the guarantee from the producer, the invoice is used as the certificate of the guarantee, in such a case that includes: the forename, surname, name or the business firm of the seller and his identification number, the place, if it is about the artificial person or the address, if it is about the natural person.

8. Returns and refunds

You have the right to cancel (under the Consumer Rights Directive 367/2000) all or part of your contract at any time up to 14 calendar days after the day on which you receive the goods you ordered.
If you wish to cancel (or are considering cancelling) a product you have ordered from us, we offer a full refund for the price that you paid for the item or items. Please be aware of the following terms that apply:

• You must contact us via email at shop@exesport.net or via phone on +420 602 770 132 to discuss your return and refund in further detail
• Note that we only accept returned items if they are undamaged/unused/complete and returned in their original packaging (including all accessories, guarantee/warranty certificate, manual, etc.). You must include a copy of the original sales receipt/invoice.
• Note that all shipping and handling charges are your responsibility.
• Your refund will be issued in the form of a post money order or a bank transfer into your bank account within 10 working days of us receiving the item/s back in our returns centre.
• Returns will not be accepted if any of the above terms and conditions have not been fulfilled and the returned goods will be sent back to you at your expenses.

Seller is responsible that the item sold is subject to contract and that it is without any defects at the time of purchase.

The customer has the right to cancel the sale agreement if the item does not meet the requirements in accordance with the sale contract. The buyer has the right to ask the seller to either exchange the item or repair it free of charge and without any unnecessary delays in accordance with the purchase contract. If it is not possible for some reason, the buyer may request a reasonable discount on the purchase price or withdraw from the contract completely. This does not apply if the buyer was fully aware of the fact, that the item does not meet requirements in accordance with the sale contract prior to the purchase.

9. Warranty and warranty claim

Warranty starts when you physically receive your item/s. Any warranty claims will be processed on an individual basis to your satisfactory in accordance with the Czech law. The buyer is responsible to check the item/s immediately after receiving it for any faults and/or damages. The buyer takes a full responsibility to immediately report any found faults and damages to the seller.

We do not take any responsibility for damages caused in transit.

If your claim will be considered as justified, we will bear the costs for fulfilling the warranty obligation. (reasonable freight expenses).
We provide 24 months warranty under the Czech law for all our products unless stated otherwise.

Warranty exclusions:

The warranty applies only to manufacturing faults.
Based on the fact that the floorball equipment is used throughout its life to the 100 % of its capacity, this may lead to earlier wear and tear overtime resulting into shorter product life cycle.
Shorter product life can therefore not be considered as a fault and the warranty does not apply in that case.

The warranty does not apply:

a) to damage caused by normal wear and tear
b) to damage caused by misuse
c) to damage caused by incorrect storage
d) to damage caused by user fault (inadequate operating and physical breakage). Product used contrary to the instruction manual.
e) to damage caused by natural disasters (such as water, fire, lightning strikes etc.)

How to request a warranty claim:
You must inform us about your warranty claim by phone at +420 602 770 132 or by email at
shop@exesport.net , or by post
- You must include a copy of the invoice as a proof of purchase
You must return the item/s by post (do not post as a recorded delivery) to the following address: 
 VKPI INVEST s.r.o. (Co.Ltd.)
Liberecká 3
466 01  Jablonec nad Nisou
Czech Republic

You may contact us by email at
shop@exesport.net at any time to check on the status of your return
We will inform you by email or by phone once your return request has been processed and completed
- You may request a return at any of our shops 



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