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Unihoc floorball shop from EXE FLOORBALL

Unihoc - floorball equipment: floorballs, balls, blades, goalkeeper equipment, t-shirts, shoes all from Unihoc

Unihoc is a leading brand of floorball equipment with more than 50 years of history. It offers innovative products with an emphasis on performance, durability and ergonomics. Unihoc supports the floorball community and cooperates with professional players. It is a strong and trusted brand for players of all levels.

What Unihoc floorball equipment do we sell in our shop?

Before you start choosing in the Unihoc brand , take a look, we have everything for you:

  1. Unihoc floorballs or floorball sticks
  2. Unihoc floorball blades
  3. Goalkeeper floorball equipment Unihoc
  4. Unihoc bags, bags and backpacks not only for floorball
  5. T-shirts, sweatpants, sets and other textiles from the Unihoc brand
  6. Headbands, sweatbands, goggles and other accessories from the Unihoc brand

Unihoc floorball sticks - Unihoc floorball hockey sticks

You can currently find 6 model lines of Unihoc floorballs in their offer - they are:

Floorball Unihoc EVOLAB.  - Floorball hockey sticks Unihoc EVOLAB

Floorball Unihoc EVOLAB

The Evolab series from Unihoc is an innovative and technologically advanced line of floorball sticks that focuses on maximum performance and adaptability to players. This range is designed to provide players with the means to achieve their best performance on the court. A significant feature of the Evolab series is the use of the highest quality materials. View all models of the Unihoc EEVOLAB range.


Unihoc CARBSKIN floorball sticks - Unihoc CARBSKIN floorball sticks

Floorball Unihoc CARBSKIN

The Carbskin floorball line from the Unihoc brand represents top technology in the field of light hockey sticks. It represents an excellent combination of quality, performance and innovative design. This range is made using a technology called Carbskin which gives it unique properties and benefits. Thanks to a new construction process, Carbskin hockey sticks are not only very light, but also extremely durable and stable. Carbskin is the ideal choice for players looking for the highest quality, performance and lightness of a hockey stick. View all models of the Unihoc CARBSKIN series.


Unihoc SUPERSKIN floorball sticks - Unihoc SUPERSKIN floorball sticks

Floorball Unihoc SUPERSKIN

The Superskin model range uses an innovative technology called Solid Balance Technology (SBT), which allows players to choose a perfectly balanced stick according to their preferences. With a wide selection, players can find the right combination of balance, weight and quality to help them achieve maximum performance on the court. MID (40% carbon, 60% composite), REG (80% carbon, 20% composite), PRO (95% carbon, 5% composite) or MAX (100% carbon). View all models of the Unihoc SUPERSKIN series.


Unihoc TITAN SERIES floorball sticks - Unihoc TITAN SERIES floorball sticks

Unihoc TITAN SERIES floorballs

The Titan floorball line from Unihoc is known for its durability, strength and excellent performance. Hockey sticks from this series are designed for players who require extreme strength and stability during the game. The Titan line also offers a variety of stick shapes and types to suit different player preferences. For example, models with a Curve shape provide a greater angle for better control and accuracy when shooting. View all Unihoc TITAN SERIES models.


Unihoc SIGNATURE SERIES floorball sticks - Unihoc SIGNATURE SERIES floorball sticks

Floorballs Unihoc SIGNATURE SERIES

The Signature series is a line of floorball sticks that the manufacturer launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Unihoc brand as a tribute to the history of the brand. These are the most classic models of the Unihoc brand , which are made in a modernized design and equipped with the iconic PLAYER and PLAYER+ blades in the most popular bars that have been used over the years. View all Unihoc SIGNATURE SERIES models.


Unihoc COMPOSITE floorball sticks - Unihoc COMPOSITE SERIES floorball sticks

Floorballs Unihoc COMPOSITE SERIES

The Composite Series floorball series is one of the most popular lines of floorball sticks on the market. These clubs are designed with an emphasis on high quality materials, technology and performance. Composite Series poles are made from composite materials that combine fiberglass and carbon fiber. This combination of materials provides excellent stick durability. View all Unihoc COMPOSITE SERIES models.


Unihoc floorball blades

When choosing a floorball blade, it is important to find the right model that suits your needs and playing style. Unihoc offers five blade models that cover the entire spectrum of players. Each model has its own unique characteristics, so each player can choose the right blade for himself.

In the offer of floorball blades you will find the following models:

  1. Floorball blade Unihoc EPIC - Thanks to its design and ergonomic shaping, the Epic blade provides a comfortable grip and control when handling the ball. It is available in different hardnesses to suit different player preferences and play styles.
  2. Floorball blade Unihoc ICONIC - The Iconic blade has an innovative shape and construction that enables precise control of the ball, fast movements and powerful shots. It is designed for players who focus on the technical side of the game and need maximum control over the ball.
  3. Unihoc floorball blade UNILITE - The Unilite blade is known for its lightness, which allows players to move faster and handle the stick more easily. This factor is especially important during quick maneuvers, dribbling and shooting.
  4. Floorball blade Unihoc PLAYER - The shape of the Player blade is optimized for all aspects of the game. It has an extended part in the toe area, which facilitates the handling of the ball and enables precise passes and shots. The blade also provides a good area for ball control and control when dribbling and playing the ball.
  5. Unihoc SONIC and UNITY floorball blade - The Sonic blade is ideal for fast and dynamic players who focus on power and shooting speed. The Unity blade then offers balance and versatility, with a focus on control and precision in all game situations.


Goalkeeper floorball equipment Unihoc

Equipment for floorball goalkeepers is one of the biggest investments. This is so because the materials used must withstand enormous loads and a high degree of wear and tear. At the same time, it must protect well, be comfortable and allow the best possible movement. Like training methods, equipment evolves to match the latest trends. Goalkeeper equipment from Unihoc is certainly a good choice for its quality.

Floorball goalkeeper equipment for children and teenagers

Unihoc goalkeeper floorball equipment for children, male and female students from the Unihoc brand.

Floorball goalkeeper equipment for adults and juniors

Unihoc goalkeeper floorball equipment for adults and juniors from the Unihoc brand.



Unihoc bags and sacks

Quality bags with attention to detail. Unihoc bags and sacks, which you can find in our offer, have a simple design and a nice, timeless design.

  1. Stickbags Unihoc - floorball bags for 1-3 hockey sticks
  2. Unihoc Toolbags - floorball bags for several sticks or entire equipment for training and matches
  3. Unihoc sports bags - bags that are suitable not only for floorball
  4. Unihoc backpacks for players and coaches - the latest backpacks are very modern not only for coaches but also for players
  5. Goalie bags on wheels from the Unihoc brand - sports bags on wheels big enough for complete goalkeeper equipment
  6. Ballbags – ball bags not only from the Unihoc brand


Caps and textiles from the brand Unihoc

You can find high-quality materials, embroideries and prints that are suitable for training or for everyday wear in our offer:

  1. Sports t-shirts for training and free time from the brand Unihoc
  2. Unihoc brand jackets - winter, summer and hybrid jackets
  3. Unihoc brand shorts or shorts - in the menu you will find shorts and shorts for training and leisure time
  4. Unihoc sweatshirts - for training and free time
  5. Unihoc brand trousers - trousers, sweatpants for training and leisure time
  6. Boots and socks from the brand Unihoc
  7. Caps and hats from the brand Unihoc - winter hats and caps


Headbands, sweatbands, goggles and other accessories from the Unihoc brand

We also offer various accessories for Unihoc floorball equipment. These are functional accessories such as protective glasses for floorball or various fashion accessories such as headbands.


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