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Salming - floorball equipment: floorballs, balls, blades, goalkeeper equipment, shirts, shoes, all from Salming

The Salming brand has been active on the sports market since 1991 and was imported to the Czech Republic ten years later. In the field of development and production of floorball equipment, Salming is among the absolute leaders worldwide. In its offer you can find all floorball equipment from school to professional, including top indoor shoes.

What SALMING floorball equipment do we sell in our shop?

Before you start choosing in the SALMING brand , take a look, we have everything for you:

  1. Salming floorballs or floorball sticks
  2. Salming floorball blades
  3. Goalkeeper floorball equipment Salming
  4. Salming floorball shoes
  5. Salming bags, bags and backpacks not only for floorball
  6. Headbands, sweatbands, goggles and other accessories from the Salming brand

Salming floorball sticks - Salming floorball sticks

You can currently find 4 model lines of Salming floorballs in their offer - they are:

Floorball Salming XTREMELITE.  - Salming XTREMLITE floorball hockey sticks

Floorball Salming XTREMELITE

The Salming XtremeLite floorball stick was first introduced in the 20/21 season. It is made of 100% carbon with admixture of modular graph. XtremeLite's improved features include lower weight and better ball control. The Tourlite WetTac Grip is thin and lightweight, providing great sensitivity and a firm grip. It is the successor of the PowerLite model series. This hockey stick offers players speed, precision and alertness on the court. It is ideal for those who prefer a fast and precise playing style. Salming XtremeLite is a great choice for achieving maximum performance. View all models of the Salming EXTREMELITE range.


Salming POWERLITE floorball sticks - Salming POWERLITE floorball sticks

Florbalky Salming POWERLITE

The Salming PowerLite floorball stick is the successor to the previous TourLite model. It brings an innovative string structure made of carbon fibers, which Salming successfully uses in the production of squash rackets. PowerLite is characterized by excellent absorption properties, which improves sensitivity in the stick. It belongs to the very light hockey sticks from the Salming brand. This stick is ideal for players looking for a precise and fast style of play. With the Salming PowerLite hockey stick you get better control and performance on the field. It is a great choice for your floorball performance. View all models of the Salming POWERLITE series.


Salming Tourlite floorball sticks - Salming Tourlite floorball sticks

Floorballs Salming TOURLITE

The Salming TourLite floorball stick is one of the earlier models of this brand. It is composed of 60% carbon fibers and 40% fiberglass fibers. The TourLite is a composite stick and is not as light as its modern successors. It is available in a round design and belongs to the middle spectrum of floorballs from Salming. Nevertheless, it is still a quality choice for players who prefer a balanced performance. The Salming TourLite provides reliable control and performance on the course. It is an ideal choice for players looking for a balanced floorball in an affordable range. View all models of the Salming TOURLITE series.


Salming Composite floorball sticks - Salming Composite floorball sticks

Floorballs Salming COMPOSITE

The floorball hockey stick Salming Composite represents the basic model line of this brand. It is made of fiberglass composite, which ensures high durability. This floorball belongs to the harder variants and is especially suitable for beginners and slightly advanced players. Salming Composite floorballs are also ideal for children, and are also available in a softer version with a hardness of 32. With the Salming Composite hockey stick, you get consistent and reliable performance on the field, at an affordable price. It is a great choice for players who want to try floorball with a quality hockey stick. View all models of the Salming COMPOSITE range.



Salming floorball blades

When choosing a floorball blade, it is important to find the right model that suits your needs and playing style. Salming offers five blade models that cover the entire spectrum of players. Each model has its own unique characteristics, so each player can choose the right blade for himself.

In the offer of floorball blades you will find the following models:

  1. Salming RAVEN floorball blade - this is a blade for the creator of the game. Universal blade with a small concavity and a slightly pre-bent tip, which enables precise work with the ball. The Raven is suitable for a wide range of players and is based on the popular Salming Quest 1 blade. This blade is excellent for both forehand and backhand games.
  2. Salming QUEST floorball blade - there are several models, both straight and for the creator of the game. Very popular is the Salming Quest 1 , which is also a universal blade with a small concavity and a slightly pre-bent tip. It is the most popular blade from the Salming brand . Thanks to the Torsion Lid System technology, the blade is more rigid in the heel, which improves the performance of the player. Quest 1 is suitable for players of all levels and allows precise play with both forehand and backhand . In our offer you will also find models Quest 3, Quest 5. Models Quest 2 and Quest are no longer produced and unfortunately you will not find them in our offer.
  3. Floorball blade Salming FLOW - this is a shooting blade, a blade with a very curved shape, which allows excellent control of the ball. This blade is torsionally rigid, meaning it is resistant to twisting. It is ideal for players who prefer a pull shot and like ball technique. Thanks to its curve and deepening, it is a great partner for shooting and technique.
  4. Salming HAWK floorball blade - this is a shooting blade that is based on the Quest 2 blade. This blade is very curved and provides excellent pull shots. However, it is more difficult for serves and backhand shots due to its large forehand bend. The Hawk also has a special structured forehand section that prevents the ball from spinning on the blade. In addition, it is equipped with a claw on the tip, which facilitates pull-ups and loops.
  5. Salming RAPTOR floorball blade - this is a blade for the creator of the game, the main difference between the Raptor blade and other models of the brand is less curvature and less concavity. The blade is rather straight from the heel, the groove on the forehand side deepens from the middle of the blade to the very tip, where it will help you easily with loops or more technical shots.


Goalkeeper floorball equipment Salming

Equipment for floorball goalkeepers is one of the biggest investments. This is so because the materials used must withstand enormous loads and a high degree of wear and tear. At the same time, it must protect well, be comfortable and allow the best possible movement. Like training methods, equipment evolves to match the latest trends. Goalkeeper equipment from Salming is certainly a good choice for its quality.

Floorball goalkeeper equipment for children and teenagers

Salming goalie floorball equipment for children, boys and girls from the Salming brand.

Floorball goalkeeper equipment for adults and juniors

Salming goalie floorball equipment for adults and juniors from the Salming brand.


Floorball shoes for floorball goalkeepers

Floorball "classic" - shoes for floorball goalkeepers in Slide5.


Salming bags and sacks

Quality bags with attention to detail. Simple design and beautiful timeless design are Salming bags and sacks that you can find in our offer.

  1. Stickbags Salming - floorball bags for 1-3 hockey sticks
  2. Salming Toolbags - floorball bags for several sticks or the entire equipment for training and matches
  3. Salming sports bags - bags that are suitable not only for floorball
  4. Salming backpacks for players and coaches - the latest backpacks are very modern not only for coaches but also for players
  5. Goalie bags on wheels by Salming - sports bags on wheels large enough for complete goalie equipment
  6. Ballbags - Salming ball bags



Headbands, sweatbands, goggles and other accessories from the Salming brand

We also offer various accessories for Salming floorball equipment. These are functional accessories such as protective glasses for floorball or various fashion accessories such as headbands.

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