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Warranty and lifetime


The changes in a Civil Code charge to provide a guarantee to the salers. New term as "Quality during pick up" - it takes 24 months from the day of purchase by consumer's goods. You have the right to make a complaint about any thing for this time. If some defect is appeared in the first 6 months from the purchase, then the law supposes that the defect on the product has already been in a purchasing time. It means the accepted claim. If this goods is changed for the new one, the new guarantee is valid no more.



Some products must not and can not hold on the using of the goods for whole two years. The lifetime is a time, for which the things are keeping its origin characteristic and this time is shortened step by step in as a consequence of the wear. You will speed this process up by a wrong handling. This is the common reason of the unaccepted claims. The claim of the defect is not accepted, if it was caused by your wrong handling or if it is some results of a common wear.


For example: The floorball stick is using for all the time of its lifetime on 100% of ist capacity. Its intensive using is leading to wear, which is shortening the lifetime of the product. We can not consider the shorter lifetime of the product for a defect and you can not claim it at all. We can not accept the claim for example by a broken floorball stick, which was damaged through the oversized mechanical loading - e.g. blow from another floorball stick, of course if it wasn't broken from a reason of a material defect or defect by production.

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