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POTMA GOAL AREA blue - Icehockey lines
POTMA GOAL AREA blue - Icehockey lines
POTMA GOAL AREA blue - 2pcs - Icehockey lines
POTMA GOAL AREA blue - 2pcs - Icehockey lines
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POTMA GOAL AREA – blue marking kit for goal area

• marking kit for a goal area for one ice hockey field

Instructions to installing lines:

Necessary equipment:      goal area
                                       Water bucket
​                                       Brushing roller (e. g. paint brush roller)
​                                       Warm water
​                                       Watering can with a fine sprinkler

Before placing the lines, it must be the bottom ice heave and even. Suitable temperature is -2 to -20 degrees Celsius (29 to -5 F).

The goal area and the points of the face-off lay on the place according to the rules and on the even ice layer. Soak the brush roller to the warm water and then cross with it the goal area, allowing the goal area absorbs water so that it freezes upon the ice.

After first freezing we recommend to sprinkle again the goal area with the watering can to create the continuous ice layer above them. After its freezing it is possible to create other ice layers in the standard way on the whole playing field.

After melting you can’t use the goal area again.

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