Jakou délku florbalky zvolit?


• sticks Length is the most important parameter especially for children
• too long stick hinders in the technique and protection of the ball, impairs player´s shooting and primarily unequally burdens player´s back; there is an injury risk
• too short stick reduces the player´s range


• we can make your stick shorter for FREE (shortening of the sticks HERE)
• by shortening we are recommending to cut off maximal to 8 cm
(if this part was larger, parameters of the stick would change strongly – the stick will be tougher – “it will curve worse”)

• tables for a good choice of the stick length are only indicative
• by choice it is necessary to evaluate not only body height but also its abilities
• for the beginner there is more suitable shorter stick that makes possible better control of the stick and so better learning of the technique
• but stick must not be too short to does not shorten the range to a player and he does not arch needlessly above the stick


Legend to the picture:

MODEL – model range of the stick; each brand has already several model ranges, which differs in technologic attributes, material quality and design
HARDNESS - "flex" or the hardness of the stick is a number, which is providing extent of the stick curving; the lower the number, the more power necessary it is to reach to a curving of the stick, and so  use its "snaps characteristic"
COLOUR – predominant colour on the stick
LENGTH – length of the shaft without blade; 
 length of the shaft with blade
HOLDING – on the stick you can see three types of holding - round, oval and semioval – for a upper Hand  is oval holding for a  lower hand is a round holding (this holding it is not occur more likely)
YEAR OF PRODUCTION – specify a year, when the stick was introduced for sale. 


Jakou tvrdost (flex) florbalky zvolit?

• optimal stick hardness mainly depends on player´s weight and force
• stick flex is marked with the size of the deflection (23 - 40 mm)
• too stiff stick won´t be enough to flexibly react and the shot can be weak
• soft stick provides usually improved ball control and harder wrist shots



Jakou tvrdost čepele zvolit?

Blade Hardness changes its characteristics and its correct choice is a very individual thing.
It may be the difference in hardness in the same marked blade among different brands.

NB/SB - normal blade (normal blade)
- by products Exel and Canadien it is marked as "SB"

 • it is recommended  to a  technical players

NBC - version with carbon piece

MB - medium hard blade (medium blade)

• hardness that will be appreciated by a great group of the players

MBC - version with carbon piece


HB - hard blade (hard blade)

• suitable for a strength players
• it is not common hardness


hardness of the blade can be found mostly on the blade in the form of a wheel with an arrow

hardness of the blade can be found mostly on the blade
in the form of a wheel with an arrow



Potřebuji levou nebo pravou variantu hole?

• during a choice it is important to remember to which side the player is playing and  to buy a stick  to a right side (right hand down)
or left side (left hand down)
• a picture can helps you to specify a side , see below

• if you choose a stick for the beginner and do you know to  which side he will be playing – we are recommending to give to a starting player any stick in the hand and let him to shoot – everyone usually catch it instinctively as the side suits him




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