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wristbands rv EXEL FEEL WRISTBAND SHORT black/white - Wristbands
wristbands rv EXEL FEEL WRISTBAND SHORT black/white - Wristbands
GRAF SKATES ULTRA 7035 - EE 8,5 - Skates
GRAF SKATES ULTRA 7035 - EE 10,5 - Skates
GRAF SKATES ULTRA 7035 - EE 12 - Skates
GRAF SKATES ULTRA 7035 - EE 11 - Skates
GRAF SKATES ULTRA 7035 - EE 11,5 - Skates
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DescriptionTechnical specification
ULTRA G7035 - player’s ice-hockey skates

Swiss leading manufacturer of premium Graf skates is very well-known worldwide for their high-quality and their dutifulness. Nowadays nobody is producing such a skates more. He is different from another producer, he doesn’t produce any hot news every year, but he is proving his models, which had been produced in the past and they are still working.
Once you have tried the Graf skates, you will never go back to any other.
Graf Skates are suitable for all types of feet (flat foot, high instep, low instep). 
Another advantage of this skates contrary to a competition is that they are keenly priced also by top models. 

technical description:
• professional model „Top“
• construction/ outside material: EPP composite
• outside material: MCI Tech-Multi Compoud
• inside material from micro fiber (Mikro Fiber Lining)
• anatomical formed ankle padding
• comfortable anatomical insole + comfortable 3D insole - anatomical formed ankle padding 
• outsole from an ultra light shell PEBAX PRO
• ultra light 5000 runner  with holder RMS system
• available in two widths
• Thermolam-construction allows heat-molding of boot  exactly made-to- measure
• suitable for the following foot types: normal, high instep


Color of the shoeblack
Color of the holderwhite
Advicenormal foot-high instep
Shoe tonguefelt with a protection
Blade of the bootUltra Lite 5000
(Out)soleultra light shell
Holder of the bladeRMS - screw system
Shoe widthEE - extra wide
Tip of the shoeshaped plastic
Heat moldable insoleYES
InsoleAnatomic insole
Upper material of the shoeMCI Tech - Multi Compoud
Shoe inner materialmicro fibre
Performance rankProfessional

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