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Floorball ball  FREEZ BALL OFFICIAL N.PINK - Balls

Certified floorball ball (balloon) FREEZ OFFICIAL BALL WHITE

The FREEZ BALL OFFICIAL was inspired by the classic golf ball and its dimples. These dimples are really important for the ball’s aerodynamics. Through test with a golf ball was found, that ball shaped this way, has up to twice range of a smooth ball (it's said that the range is 37% greater than a smooth ball). These dimples also reduce the friction in the ball’s surface.

Internal reinforcement is also a matter of course, where the special structure of the ribs increases the strength of the ball, especially in areas of the uprights and thus prolongs the life of the ball. The floorball ball FREEZ BALL OFFICIAL is designed according to the applicable rules and has been certified by International Floorball Federation IFF.

Floorball ball is also official ball for the highest competitions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia from 2022.

Type of floorball ballcolor floorball ball
IFF certificationYES - is certified
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