FLOORBALL - uphand grip changing

• remove an ending strap, which is separating
the uphand and lower grip 
• unwind the old  grip from a top grip

• clean the handgrip from a rest of a grip and glue

• prepare a new grip  (top grip)
• don’t remember to peel off a covering plastic film
of a lower side of a grip
• start to wind up from an upper part of the stick
(stopper) towards down to the blade
• tighten slightly so that the grip will be
attached to the handgrip well
• keep some even overlaps
• don’t wind up too much tightly so that the grip
will be managing to the end
• continue with the winding up to the boundary
of the lower grip

• after winding up to the second part of a grip cut the end
to the tip and glue up to the boundary of a continuing grip

• tape up a joints with a finishing strap



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