FLOORBALL - new numbering

Legend to the picture: HERE



• the numbering of the stick length is composed of two lengths
• the first one provides a shaft length without blade and the second one provides the length of the whole stick with a blade
• by all of the brands it is provided the length in centimeters
• the table can help you to macht the single lengths and helps you with a choice of a length of one’s body height

• the table for a right choice of the length is only indicative
• it is necessary to evaluate by choice not only the body height, but also his abilities
• for the beginners is suitable more likely the shorter stick that makes possible a better stick control  and a work with a ball and so a better learning of a technique 
• the stick must not be too short that it doesn’t shorten to a player a range and he doesn’t arch one’s back unnecessarily above a stick

Legend to the picture No. 1:

BRAND –the producer of the stick states brand
MODEL – model range of the stick; each brand has already several model ranges, which differs in technologic attributes, material quality and design
HARDNESS - "flex" or the hardness of the stick is a number, which is providing extent of the stick curving; the lower the number, the more power necessary it is to reach to a curving of the stick, and so  use its "snaps characteristic"
COLOUR – predominant colour on the stick
LENGTH – length of the shaft without blade; length of the shaft with blade
HOLDING – on the stick you can see three types of holding - round, oval and semioval – for a upper Hand  is oval holding for a  lower hand is a round holding (this holding it is not occur more likely)
YEAR OF PRODUCTION – specify a year, when the stick was introduced for sale. 


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