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Floorball blade FREEZ blade G-4 black MB R

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Nákupní rádce pro výběr florbalové čepele

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Floorball blade FREEZ blade G-4 black MB LFloorball blade FREEZ blade G-4 black MB LCode:110654
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29,90 EUR
Floorball blade FREEZ blade G-4 black MB RFloorball blade FREEZ blade G-4 black MB RCode:110655
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29,90 EUR

This shooting blade is designed to satisfy most players, thanks to its excellent concavity , which is typical of modern shooting blades, and the careful selection of materials. Thanks to the lightly pressed vertical ribs, this blade offers stable shooting performance, while the significantly drawn lower edge and protruding upper rib prevent the balloon from escaping the blade. The curvature in 2/3 of the backhand side of the blade remains ideal for precision processing and the honeycombs (hexagons) together with the supporting rib ensure the necessary strength and durability .


Features and Benefits of the FREEZ blade G-4 floorball blade

The floorball blade FREEZ blade G-4 is the result of many years of development and experience, bringing a universal blade for players of all levels. This blade features:

  • This shooting blade is designed to make most players happy with it.
  • It has a very good concavity, which is typical of modern shooting blades. Moreover, it is carefully selected.
  • The blade has lightly pressed vertical ribs that ensure stability when shooting.
  • The lower edge is more prominently drawn out than in the "G-2" model.
  • The upper rib is forward, which prevents the balloon from escaping the blade, and the nose is more forward.
  • The bottom rib shows us how easily the balloon can run out when shot.
  • The blade has a 2/3 backhand curve, which is still ideal for processing.
  • For strengthening, honeycombs (hexagons) were used and a supporting rib was inserted.
Blade designationShooter blade
Blade - signFreez G-4
Blade hardnessMedium Blade
OptionRIGHT hand down
IFF certificationYES - is certified
On stockJablonec n.N., Central warehouse, Praha
Floorball sticks with bladesFreez G-4
Product rating60 %
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A review is taken from heureka.cznevím jaká čepel bude , snad lepší než G1 a G2 !!!
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