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Floorball blade EXEL BLADE E-FECT SB black L

Code12002014Warranty 2 years (more information)
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Floorball blade EXEL BLADE E-FECT MB black - floorball blade
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Floorball blade EXEL BLADE E-FECT SB black LFloorball blade EXEL BLADE E-FECT SB black LCode:12002014
In stock
33,90 EUR
Floorball blade EXEL BLADE E-FECT SB black RFloorball blade EXEL BLADE E-FECT SB black RCode:12002015
Not available
33,90 EUR
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What is E-FECT?

E-Fect is a brand new top performance blade. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Finland. It’s designed to fulfill the requirements of modern style of play. Versatile attributes makes it perfect for easy dribbling and precise shooting. Stiff and strong heal construction transmits the power towards the tip end for harder shots. Light weight design enables fast ball movement and effective forechecking and takeaways. E-Fect is the most modern blade on the market.

High Concavity

8,5mm concavity enables silky smooth touch and great ball control. Precise and effective shooting. 

High Pre-Curve

Move pass opponents with sneaky dekes. 18mm pre-curve ensures easy dribbling and options for creative decisions. 

High Open Face Angle

Secure your spot on the highlight reel. Ready to go open face angle guarantees easy and accurate shooting and finishing.

Blade designationShooter blade
Blade - signExel E-FECT
Blade hardnessNormal Blade - standard hardness
OptionLEFT hand down
IFF certificationYES - is certified
On stockCentral warehouse
Floorball sticks with bladesExel E-FECT
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