UNIHOC STICK SONIC CarbSkin 29 white/black 96cm

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It is time for something big.

We are happy to announce the arrival of a brand-new series of high-end sticks from Unihoc, and this time it is the most exclusive models that we have ever presented.



is the name of our new woven carbon fiber technology and it is pushing the benchmark of lightweight sticks to a totally new level in terms of required shaft properties. Utilizing a new cutting-edge layup structure for the construction of these shafts, and combining it with a thinner material, we have managed to improve the strength and durability to unmatched levels in the lightweight segment.


Never before have we been able to match such low weight with this extraordinary level of steadiness, balance and durability. With CARBSKIN® there is no need to compromise, you get all the features in one stick.



The new CARBSKIN® models are the lightest sticks that we have ever released.

By using the thinnest possible layers of woven carbon fiber in a completely new layup structure we have been able to reduce the weight at the same time as we have enhanced the structure of the shaft. It is an extremely careful and time- consuming method, carried out through very advanced elaborating processes, to create each individual shaft so that it reaches the demanded level of the required properties.



Our work to maximize the performance

of composite technology has led to the construction of the CARBSKIN® weave, which allows us to build shafts with a more stable and consistent construction throughout the entire shaft. This solid construction creates a faster rebound of the shaft during the shot movement, which generates more power that gives a greater kick effect and a harder shot.



The new construction process creates better consistency and strength in the physical properties of the shaft which dramatically improves the  performance, and especially the balance. The shafts are more consistently built from tip end to butt end, and the reduction of vibrations in the shaft is fan- tastic. This also leads to a clearly improved durability and steadiness, and the result is our strongest lightweight sticks ever.



is a blade that brings back the feeling of the traditional hardcore floorball game, without any extreme excesses that might mess with your game. Instead we have created a reliable, easy-to-handle, beautiful looking blade with a very versatile field of use.



is an ultra-modern floorball blade with state-of-the-art design combined with top class functionality. The frame has a classic Unihoc shape and with its clearly marked step between the frame and the bars it offers great ball control and improved shot release.

IFF certificationYES - is certified
Blade - signSONIC
Blade hardnessMedium Blade
Shaft length / stick length with a blade96cm / 106cm
Stick holdingROUND
Material100% CARBSKIN Carbon Fibre
Flexibility (Flex)29
Weight192 gr. (96cm)
OptionLEFT hand down, RIGHT hand down
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