UNIHOC EVOLITE hard TITAN PP bright blue

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Nákupní rádce pro výběr florbalové čepele

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UNIHOC EVOLITE hard TITAN PP bright blue LUNIHOC EVOLITE hard TITAN PP bright blue LCode:21949
In stock
33,96 EUR
UNIHOC EVOLITE hard TITAN PP bright blue RUNIHOC EVOLITE hard TITAN PP bright blue RCode:21950
In stock
33,96 EUR
EVOLITE is the new light allround blade from UNIHOC,. It is based on the successful UNILITE blade but has been given added length and height, as well as increased torsional strength along the playing surface all the way to the top of the blade. Medium sized concavity and pre-hook makes the blade perfect for both shooting and passing, and also offers great ball control.
Blade - signUnihoc EVOLITE
Blade hardnessHard blade
OptionLEFT hand down
IFF certificationYES - is certified
On stockCentral warehouse
Floorball sticks with bladesUnihoc EVOLITE
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